Goddard Park Directions

Music Picnic - Directions to our picnic sites #12 and #13

Goddard Park
1095 Ives Road
Picnic Sites #12 and #13
Warwick, RI  02818 (although the park is technically in East Greenwich).
Office Number: 884-2010 (will be closed after 3:00 pm on weekdays and closed on weekends)

Take Post Road to Old Forge Road, following signs to Goddard Park (see Greenwich Village Plaza on corner of Post Road and Old Forge.) Old Forge becomes Ives Road.  Follow Old Forge/Ives about 2 miles to the First Goddard Park entrance after the Equestrian entrance but before the MAIN entrance.)

After entering the Main entrance into the park take your first left (a little ways up) onto the little dirt way.  Down at the end look for my turquoise green Toyota Corolla.  Park anywhere on the grass (it is allowed!) and of course be aware of any children running about!

If you are lost and the office is closed,  if you drive around a little (and it is a beautiful park, if you have never taken a tour!) I am sure you will find us! Listen for the music!


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