About The Singing Sisters

Barbi Beyer and Hanni Lee are two sisters who grew up singing. Their mom, Ginny was very musical, singing in various choruses and even opera. She sang often with Hanni and Barbi and by the time they were teenagers the two sisters were skilled at singing a multitude of harmonies with their mom. Friends fondly remember family trips that always included a lot of singing in three part harmony.

Hanni and Barbi were both writing their own songs when they were mere children and this ability carried them into adulthood when they began writing songs for others and eventually for their own children.


In June of 2000, the sisters, encouraged by friends and parents in a music program Hanni and Barbi both taught for babies and preschoolers, called Music Together®, they decided to record their own CD of lullabies. The ease of their ability to sing and harmonize together is immediately evident in their songs but the success of their work goes deeper than that. It has been suggested to them that their music transcends the usual lullaby format of children's and family music. There is a real quality that is difficult to define but the result is even more than they had hoped for; young and old alike, want to hear their songs again and again.


Parents of young children have written to the sisters repeatedly about how much their children love the music and older people have also written to them saying they listen to it for comfort. Inspiring and comforting are words used to describe their singing.  Go to testimonials and read what some folks have to say about their own listening experiences and then we welcome you to listen for yourself!


Hanni Beyer Lee and Barbi Beyer
during a recording session for their
"We See The Moon" Lullaby CD,

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