Music Together®

Barbi (with Nicole who assists every other week)
iDance Academy (location map)
Friday, 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM
01/10/20 - 03/13/20 (10 weeks)

Music Together Classes For Children Ages 0-5 years With Families/Caregivers

Music Together is a music and movement program designed for Infants through 5 year olds and their families.  Music Together recognizes that in our culture, families tend to consume music passively rather than actively, leaving many children deprived of the opportunity to learn basic music skills the way they learn about everything else.   Music Together provides families with a model for how to nurture the musical growth of their child regardless of their own perceived musical ability.

Music Together asserts that all children are musical and learn best from the example of the adults closest to them, in an informal atmosphere, and recognizes that all children can develop competence in music.  In a Music Together class, the activities focus on adult/child interaction.  All classes are mixed ages and children of different ages (such as siblings) can enjoy class together.

The atmosphere is informal, and the classroom experience is reinforced by parent participation and listening to the music at home.  Educators recognize that music is educationally stimulating on many levels for a developing child.
Music Together is a playful, developmentally-appropriate, thoroughly-researched program promoting anxiety-free learning while families learn to interact musically.

More importantly, it’s fun time together for you and your children!  Music Together classes, along with your active participation, help prepare your child for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.