Song Samples



Song Samples 

Would you like to listen to some song samples from "I See the Moon"?  Find out for yourself why people of all ages want to hear this CD again and again. Then order your own copy and tell us what you think!

*Click on any song to the right to hear a sample!

Friends and family of Hanni Beyer Lee and Barbi Beyer have long praised their first work, "I See the Moon" and have waited patiently for their next CD to be created.
The singing sisters are excited to announce their next CD , "We See the Moon" which is due for release in the Spring of 2015 and contains beautiful renditions of many songs that many of us know, as well as exciting new songs to be learned and treasured. Hanni and Barbi bring you more of their well-known "living room sound." You will feel you are singing right along with them in your home or car. You will enjoy children and others of all ages singing on the CD. People who have heard the new CD are already praising it as a favorite. Click on the Testimonials page to read what people have said about both CDs.


"I See the Moon" 

On our first CD, "I See the Moon," you'll find many favorites, as well as some lesser known verses of "Twinkle Twinkle " and a sweet verse in Mandarin sung by one of Hanni's daughters from China. You'll also hear most of Barbi's family singing on the very beautiful "Take Comfort Here." Click on any songs below to hear samples.
  • I See the Moon
  • Sleepy Sleep
  • Hey Hey Watanay
  • Kitty Alone
  • Take Comfort Here
  • The Water is Wide
  • Wayne Maine Boat Song
  • I Will Stay Right Here
  • Brahms Lullaby
  • Jenni's Lullaby
  • Stars Shinin'
  • Balo Bashi Baby
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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