"I See the Moon" Testimonials

"Our sons, Micah (age 4) and Noah (age 7) show a degree of engagement in this CD that none - and we do mean none - of the many other recordings in our big collection do.
This is wonderfully intimate music, genuinely and humanly realized."
Christopher Greenleaf, classical recording engineer & humble dad

"Thank you for your wonderful CD! You have given us a whole new lullaby routine at bedtime. Our three year old, Nicole needs to hear most of the lullabies every night. I am getting lots of practice singing! We want to buy these for everyone we know!"
Jill Preston, parent

" I need to say... your recording is really wonderful in light that you enunicate every word so well and clearly! Seldom do we hear a recording where every word is crisply and perfectly sung. Your timing is perfect...you two are blessed with a gift you need to share with many more people. Bright moments to you both."
Bill McEneaney, father of the musician who accompanied Hanni and Barbi on the CD.

"You have touched our whole family with your Lullaby CD. My parents like to play it in the car when they are caring for their grandchildren. It is a very special CD and we love it! Your mom would be very proud of you."
Leslie and Greg Sanford and family

"Because my friend is exhausted and under pressure at her job, I am worried about her and lent her my
"I See the Moon" CD. I am sure the angel voices will heal her soul"
Naomi Tumiko, Japanese college