Weather Closings Policy



WEATHER CLOSINGS: We are closed during bad weather only if North Kingstown schools are closed.  School delays do not affect our schedule, however if you are in one of the first classes of the day, and your child is delayed, please come to the next class if you can.  I won’t send you away. Consult local radio / TV stations (Channel 10 is good), or call my office (364-SONG) and I will have a message (only if we are closed).  Kindergarten closings or early dismissals do not affect our schedule.  If your town is closed, but N.K. is open then we are open.

If you cannot safely get to class or need to be home for other children who are dismissed early or not in school, you may take an additional makeup. It is also fine to bring along siblings who are home providing they are not sick.

There will usually be fewer families in class on a snow day so extra kids along is fine!

Are you in an afternoon class?
If so. . . you may be wondering:
“What if NK Schools are open (which means that I am holding classes) but by the time the afternoon rolls around, the weather has gotten worse and afternoon activities are now being cancelled?”

In that case, you just pick up your phone and call 364-SONG and listen to my message. If you do not hear a “We’re Closed” message, it means class is happening!

That said, if you do not feel comfortable driving, stay safe and warm and you can do the makeup at the end of the session, or another time (if you can make it work for a daytime class makeup

For weather closings, I will add an extra class at the end of the session in addition to the makeup week, or add a weekend option (if I do not have an extra week available after makeup week) in hopes of accommodating everyone! There are no Makeups on the Makeup Week- if I need to cancel due to bad weather and the NK schools are closed.