Testimonials For Sing With B Music Together® Online

Testimonials For Sing With B Music Together Online (March/April 2020)

We look forward to our music class each week with Barbi!  We have done live classes and now online. Her program with Music Together has a wonderful selection of songs that’s engaging for both kids and adults. We listen to the music app driving and enjoy the music book provided. Singing, dancing, and engaging together are so important to have in our lives, especially now!
Jeanne, Caedmon and Luma

Our quarantine Sing with B class is fun!  Seeing Ms. B. and other classmates each week is very refreshing and uplifting for our little one. We didn't lose much of the personal touch by using technology instead of meeting in person.  Everyone participated just the same as in class and it was a nice touch of "reality" in this crazy new world.  Thank you Ms. B!  
Jay Nappa and Lorelei

My daughter gets up and dances in the living room when we Sing with B online! She gets music, exercise, and quality time with mom and dad while we do our best to have a stable routine during an unstable time. We miss seeing Barbi in person but this is the next best thing to being in class with other families and friends.
Nicole Solas and Talia

We have loved Miss Barbi's music class all winter, and are excited to continue with her online this spring. She has such a passion for music that inspires us all. My daughter sings her songs all the time and plays pretend music class too. It's been so fun to see her love of music grow thanks to Miss Barbi.
Laura Hooper

I was amazed how well the online version of your class is working. My daughters (3 and 6) were totally engaged and participating. There was so much excitement. Thank you for making music together available online until we can make music physically together again.

In these uncertain times, in my opinion it is more important than ever to listen to songs, dance and create music. Ms. Barbi has worked hard to bring her songs and personality into our home through her online Music Together Zoom class. In class, we sang, danced and celebrated “together” with the one thing that will always connect us: music. We are excited to join her each week and are loving exploring the Maracas collection with her and our Music Together family!