Priority Registration Directions


Sing With B Music Together® Priority Registration Details

(for WINTER 2020 Current Families Only - Open Registration starts April 1st for New Families.)


**The below information (along with everything else you may need to know) can always found under the main Music Together tab on my website under Registered Families.

The SPRING schedule has not changed. The SPRING session begins April 1st.


As always, I am offering you a "jump start" in the registration process and you have until March 8th (just 2 weeks to secure your favorite spot before NEW families can begin registering on March 9th.)

There Are Two Short Priority Registration Periods with Priority Passcodes to use:

**Everyone must register ONLINE however anyone may choose “Pay Later” and bring a check or cash when I see you at your first class the week of April 1st.

1. Same Class Registration: February 23rd through March 1st.  You have through the end of the day on March 1st - just one week - to be guaranteed a spot in your same class.  When registering, you must enter the Priority Registration Code word “sameclass” (no quotes) at check out in order to complete your registration. If you forget to register for your same class by 3/1, you can still register during the change class registration period (providing your spot is still open) but must use the “changeclass” code.

2. Change Class Registration: March 2nd through March 8th. If you are changing to a different class, you must wait until March 2nd to register - you have just under a week to choose a spot in any class before new families can register on March 9th. When registering, you must enter the Priority Registration Code word “changeclass” (no quotes) at check out in order to complete your registration.

SCHOLARSHIP FUND - ARE YOU IN A POSITION TO HELP ANOTHER FAMILY? (or might YOU need assistance to be able to return?)

If you are able help another family who may not be able to attend a semester of Music Together due to financial challenges just add any amount at check out to your registration form and and I will make sure to use it when a family truly needs assistance.

Also if you know someone (and don’t be shy if it is you) who would love to come to a semester of Music Together, but it is out of reach financially, please let them know that I can often offer scholarship assistance (due to yours and other family’s generosity!)


If you know for sure that you will NOT be returning in the Spring,  please let me know, so I will not be looking for your registration. If you are not returning for financial reasons, please reach out to me and let me know this, and I will work out a way that can help you to continue. I usually have scholarship funds available and I would love to help anyone with true need. I also accept payment in installments and NO money due until April (or whenever you can pay.)

If you are not returning because you are dissatisfied in any way, please share your experience with me. Your satisfaction with the program and your positive comments to other families in the community is of utmost importance to me.  Please speak to me openly and honestly if there is anything that you are not happy with. I will listen carefully and truly want to know!

Thank You For Continuing as member of our Sing With B Music Together Community!